Why You Should Use Essiac Tea in a Cancer Fighting Program?

Cancer has managed to bring grief to so many homes. It is tragic how deeply it uproots the happiness of a family. It is, after all, one of the leading causes of death in the whole world.

Millions and millions are spent on the traditional treatments and yet the results are absolutely limited. There are so many other ways that have so much more promise but people are reluctant in using them because they aren’t “doctor recommended”. But natural herbs like essiac tea maybe the thing that gets them through this hard and crucial time.

Nothing works better with the body than natural aids. They have been discovered over ages and are known to effectively treat cancer and many other chronic diseases. Even though they have been publicly opposed for ages, you can’t simply ignore the many benefits they have. One of these many natural herbs is the essiac tea.

The Recipe of Essiac Tea

This special tea has four major ingredients that make it so incredible.

These four major herbs are:

  • Burdock Root
  • Indian rhubarb root
  • The inner bark of slippery elm
  • Sheep Sorrel

These herbs are very effective in destroying the growth of bad bacteria, parasites, viruses and also helps in detoxification of liver, colon and kidneys.

These are actually the major herbs included in the tea. The original recipe however consisted of four other herbs.

The additional four herbs are:

  • Watercress
  • Red Clover
  • Blessed Thistle
  • Kelp

The Truth about the Essiac Tea

Science has never been a great fan of the essiac tea. It is known to prolong the lives of many patients that were terminal cases and through this tea got to live years and years beyond the deadline they were given.

For thousands of years scientist have been arguing over this and it is something of a controversy, but the truth about the essiac tea cannot be denied at all. It has not only cured the incurable cancer but also has so many more benefits. And these benefits ultimately add up to help cure the cancer too.

Here are some of those many benefits that make essiac tea an ideal to be a part of a cancer treatment.

Enhances the Immune System

The methods to treat cancer fight the cancer cells but end up causing a lot of damage to the body itself. These conventional methods not just damage but actually destroy the immune system.

While on the other hand, essiac tea have been observed to actually boost the immune system. And that helps the body to fight off infection better than before.

Moreover it is also miraculous when it comes to pain. Anyone suffering from a chronic disease or a cancer could use some pain relief and essiac tea provides just that. And it also gets rid of all the toxins from the body.

Some of the researchers even recommend that the conventional methods should not be used alongside the tea. This is due to the opposing effects both kinds have on the immune system that might cause more damage than good.

Source of Antioxidants

Our body often has free radicals flowing around. They cause a condition that is known as oxidation stress which means that the damage caused by the free radicals ends up causing instability and inflammation in the cells.

This state plays a great in the formation of cancerous cells or enhance other chronic diseases. Therefore antioxidants are required to relief the oxidation stress, neutralize the free radicals and thus prevents a lot of unpleasant situations.

The worst kind of free radicals are the superoxide. They not only cause damage but also activate all the other free radicals. This leads up to a very severe oxidation stress in the cells. Very powerful antioxidant is required to fend them off.

And guess what an amazing and concentrated source of antioxidants is? Essiac tea. It contains a lot of compounds that helps in anti-oxidation process and also strengthen the immune cells. Both these features combined have shown to reduce the production of free radicals by almost 84%.

The antioxidants present in this miraculous tea are no different than the ones used in the pharmaceutical medicines made for cancers. Just instead of being processed and artificial, they are in a natural form and work much better with the body.

Cell Mutation

As we all know, cancer is caused due to growth of cells in the wrong place. This is usually due to the mutation caused in cells because of various reasons. One of the major ingredients in the essiac tea, the burdock root, it is very effective in reducing the mutation and preventing the tumor.

In fact, many researches have shown that it not just prevents tumor but is also seen to reduce the already existing tumor and it severe symptoms. This was tried on all kinds of cancers that included bowel, uterus, etc. just as well as skin surface.

On a study on animals, it was observed that essiac tea actually attacks the ability of tumor cells to multiply. This meant that even if the tumor did not go away it stopped increasing. Although in most cases the cells degenerated and it led to the cure of the cancer itself.

Using the Essiac Tea

This tea has been known to the world for thousands of years now. It has been known to cure the cancer effectively since forever. Due to the being made from natural ingredients, it is very safe and secure to take and goes very well with the body. Whether it is for some sort of cancer or just a immune system health plan, it is the thing you need.

An ounce of the tea mixed with 2 ounces of hot water on daily basis. It should be taken in like a normal tea, in small sips and while it is still hot. It is better to avoid food for about an hour after the intake of the tea.