Want to know how induction cooktops works?

Many people around the world use induction cooktops without really knowing the specifics of how they work. What this people fail to understand is the fact that getting to know these functionalities is a vital first step in choosing the best induction cooktop for everyday cooking needs.

Differentiation is brought about as a result of various factors including:

Power-Most induction cookers are between 1800 watts and 1300 watts, with the more powerful ones costing more and generally being preferred due to ability to heat more rapidly

Size and Number of burners- Most have between one to five burners of different or same sizes, there are some which have also got more.

Ease of cleaning- The layout of the cook tops result in some being easier to clean than others. Some have sleeker designs too, making them more desirable

From my research, I came up with several induction cookers from diverse companies such as Siemens, Bosch and Fiessler just but to name but a few. Most cook tops are almost similar in functionality save for little differentiations in designs that induce preferences among users.

From my research, the top best induction cooktop are:

Duxtop Stainless Steel Induction Cookware Set

This is a portable 1800-Watt countertop burner that only works with magnetic pots. The Duxtop cookware set induction cooker is ideal for people starting out on the induction cooking front as it comes complete with a frying pan, Saute pans, sauce pans, casserole pan, squarte pan and sauce pot each with its cover. It is made of light material and is easily portable thus making it a favorite among most people. The silicon handles do not get heated, though this might not be how it looks. The cooking vessels rapidly cool once removed from the cooking surface, making it ideal for families with children as it reduces chances the young ones getting burnt.

Gourmia GIC100 Multifunction Portable 1800 Watt

Looking to have a dependable cooktop and still save on some cash? Well, then this affordable yet highly efficient 1800-Watt induction cooker is exactly what you need. A huge positive is its ability to heat up and cool down rapidly at intervals of 50 degrees and an ability to shut itself down when it overheats thanks to an overhead sensor. However, the Gourmia is limited to only 8 power settings ranging from a low of 200 watts to a high of 1400 watts as compared to the Duxtop which is enabled with ten power settings thus giving it an edge in terms of precision cooking. Both induction cookers, however, use the standard 120 volts electricity. Most impressive perhaps is the fact that the Gourmia GIC100 is said to have the capacity to save up to 90% more heat energy than the conventional thermal cooker. This makes I highly desirable and it is the highest rated best induction cooktop among reviewers.

Kenmore 43800

This energy efficient, fast cooker had one reviewer drooling that it boiled water immediately she put it on. This is a testament to the rapid cooking the Kenmore 43800 offers. Though it is the least user-friendly of all the induction cookers discussed here, it is one of the most preferred once one gets the hang of it. Its four, easy to clean, differently sized burners give it an edge as they can accommodate pots of different sizes thus making cooking flexible and precise. Reviewers also commended its reasonable price tag and deemed it value for money considering the advantages that came with quick heating, energy savings, easy cleaning and sleek shape.

NuWave Precision Induction Cook Top

This cook top is listed having the capacity to heat up twice as rapidly as the other cookers. It’s no wonder then that it has been found to save a paltry 70% as much heat as conventional thermal cooking. The NuWave Precision Induction Cook Top is smaller as compared to the other cooktop. Most reviewers also praised its user-friendliness, terming it easier to use than the Kenmore 43800 and the Gourmia GIC100 despite the myriad of buttons on its.

Top qualities of a best induction cooktop listed here, for your better understanding. So select the best one as per you needs and enjoy your food.…